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Electric Vehicle Chargers

At A3A Energy uin Poole, we can help you find the right EV charger for your home or business. We'll deal with everything from initial design to the ongoing aftercare, so you start to see savings as soon as it's installed. Get in touch to arrange a consultation.

Easee EV Chargers


Easee One EV charger

Market leading

Easee wall mounted electric charge point

Built to last

Electric car charging

Suitable for home or business

Easee charging technology is market leading, designed and built in Norway

It is suitable for every electric vehicle

The charging robot is 69% smaller and lighter than other electric vehicle chargers, with similar functionality so is better for the environment

The Easee app allows you to control the charge-point from your smart phone

The charging robot is built to last. It withstands all types of weather conditions and needs no extra protection from sun, snow, wind or rain.

With IP54 certification, 11 sensors and intelligent temperature measurement, the charger will always keep you and your home safe

Easee offer two levels of charge-point: the Easee One (up to 7.4kW charging) suited to homes and small single phase installations and the Easee Charge (up to 22kW charging) for business, apartments and destination locations


Myenergi Zappi


Myenergi zappi EV charger

Multi-award winning EV charge point

  • Set timers to charge at economy tariffs

  • Grid and Solar PV charging compatible

  • Remote access via Myenergi app

  • Secure pin code protection

  • No earth rod needed with built in PEN fault technology

Myenergi charger display

Tethered or untethered

  • Tethered or untethered option available

  • Available in black or white

  • The most popular choice is the black tethered unit

  • The cable is 6.5 metres long



Wall mounted Wallbox Plus charger.

Pulsar Plus

  • Pulsar Plus offers the ideal balance between a small size and the powerful performance you need for smart charging at home. 

  • Designed to provide a minimalist yet powerful home charging station.

  • Simply plug and charge.

  • Tethered 5m long cable.

Wallbox Copper SB EV charger.

Copper SB

  • Its universal socket makes it suitable for both type 1 and type 2 vehicle connectors. 

  • Copper SB is available with a maximum power of up to 22 kW for 3-phase installations.

  • Its black hard glass finish makes Copper SB a great looking charger. 


Wallbox charging app

Smartphone App

  • Control your charger with your smart devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

  • Let multiple users access through both RFID tags and the MyWallbox app.


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